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Writing papers or emails or blog posts or thank you notes are the WORST.


Proverbs 13:10


Love last night’s SNL? Our full week with Justin Timberlake starts tomorrow!

Always my favorite JT sketches!


SUBMISSION: Inspired by the enduring organization of Dr. Carson Schneck.

I want my whole life to look like this.

But if you press me for an opinion that I haven’t had the chance to think about yet, I will inevitably flounder. I will miss words out of sentences, mix them up, stutter, and sometimes even give opinions that I don’t necessarily agree with, just so I can have something come out of my mouth.

Charlie McDonnell, charlieissocoollike

AKA The Truth about Introverts (Specifically Me)

Ben Wyatt & Calzones

I love calzones almost as much as Ben Wyatt.

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